Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I wore: Golden bows

So I have fallen back in love with blogging. Wanna know how? By just not worrying what to put on here and put things I love. I plan on doing 1-2 gluten free recipes a week ,interviewing some of my favorite people ( see steffy's pros and cons interview here) and of course blogging about fashion!!! And its making me happy!!!

Here's what I wore today:
I soooo adore this dress. It have sweet teirs,beautiful floral design,gold piping and of course my favorite the bows on the sleeves!!!

Details: vintage dress from tea&tulips,madden girl bow shoes from marshals (in Puerto Rico),tights from JCpenny!

My favorite things about clothes are sweet details like my little bow sleeves. What is something you look for in clothes?


Kelsey Rosie said...

I'm a big bow fan as well. You look pretty darn cute! I'm excited that you are starting to blog more! I'll have to feature you on my blog sometime!!


Nic said...

arent bows awesome!!! Thanks im happy to be bloggin more too and if love to do a feature!!!