Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Interview: Steffys pros & cons

I would like to introduce Steffy of steffys pros & cons. I got to know her through buying from her wonderful online vintage shop.She is wonderful,fun,fashionable gal.Some of my favorite dresses are from her shop. Read a bit about her below!

Name: Steffy Kuncman
I am a vintage loving gal living in miami, florida. i got to school full-time for fashion merchandising, run my vintage store full-time and try to have fun doing both :)

1. How would you describe your style?
quirky, girly and vintage inspired.
( I own this lovely dress)

2.What advice would you give others on finding their own unique style?
i think it takes a while to find what you like. just gravitate toward colors and patterns that make you feel more like yourself!
3. What made you decide to open up an online vintage shop?Do you ever plan on opening a shop where you live?
i decided to open an online shop after i started my blog. i just sort of fell into it and as it grew i feel like i grew and became better at photographing, styling and running it. i don't ever plan on opening a brick-and-mortar shop... at this day in age i think it is so much more fun running an e-commerce shop. there is less overhead and you can work from home!

4. How do you find such good vintage finds? Advice on shopping for vintage?
i just have a lot of patience and i am absolutely in love with the hunt. my advice is to go into the store knowing particular styles/trends/colors that you are on the lookout for. around valentines day i hunted for all pinks and reds, now i have been searching for pastels and skipping jewel-toned colors because they are more in during the fall. you just have to stay up on the trends, and think about what YOU yourself would buy. i always try to offer exactly what my customer is looking for.

5. Have you or do you ever plan on making clothes?
:( i wish i could make clothes, but i don't have the sewing abilities and i think i am much better at re-vamping than creating. i can see a dress and see why it fits wrong or what needs to be fixed, but i can't make one from scratch. maybe one day!

6.What are your three articles of clothing your own now that you couldn't live without?
my destroyed jean shorts because i photograph every single blouse in my store with them, my black hat... i wear it every day! and recently i would say my glasses because they have mistakingly become my signature! :)

Here's me in some tea&tulip dresses:


Caitie said...

love steffy! and the pics of you and your man are way too cute!


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

what a great interview. LOVE!
xo TJ