Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mr. bloom and his plum-age

This summer I promised myself I would do things I love. Sometimes when I have a lot of time on my hands I do nothing, but I wanted to make sure to take advantage of this long summer. And so came Mr. bloom and gorgeous , splendiferious, outstanding, spectacular plum-age...

His name is Mr. Bloom and he loves peanut butter..
He has super cute tiny feet that flop flail and flare when he fly's

He has a big beautiful eye and the loveliest fiery, fantastic and favorable crest atop his head!

And loves to sit a top my dresser and show off his feathers

I love him and I had so much fun painting him. Mr. Bloom takes care of #7 on my summer break list.
And my guest post on artichoke designs takes care of number five.
What have you been doing this summer?

cheers nic


Unknown said...

You are inspiring to me. I have been meaning to pick up the brush and start painting again. I've been having issue with getting so stuck in my head that it won't turn out perfect, I don't even start.

Your painting came out just beautiful and you had fun doing it.

What excuse do I have...nothing.

I love you girl. And thanks.

Nic said...

thank you sooo much. its hard i used to be critical and now i just do what i want and love it !!! Who is this?
Im assuming since you said you love me i know you and i probably love you too!!!

Breezer said...

It's Bree! It gave me an option to put a poster name, but didn't post it. LOL.

I have paints and i've been staring at them for weeks now... Gotta pick up the brush!