Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GF shopping guide and a good laugh

Figuring out where to shop, whats at each shop, how far you have to travel just to make one meal is annoying for everyone but especially if you are dealing with potential integral organ break down if you eat the wrong thing. So, I thought I would create a nice guide for shopping where I live ( and places near by) for lovely celiacs and non gluten eaters. We can eat everything we did before and now you will know where to get it.

1. Trader Joe's: I like trader Joe's a lot , but they do not have a lot of gluten free stuff. They do offer cookie, chips and rice bread along with wonderfully labeled products so you know if you can eat them or not. Go here to see their full list of no gluten products. I suggest going over and trying their GF snicker doodles!! And click here to find all northern Ca location or go to their site and find one near you.

2. Raley's: Raley's was the first place i found with aisles set aside for natural foods and rows full of gluten free foods. They have wonderful delicious products. You can get any type of pasta, lots of safe flours and yummy treats. Go here and you can print out or read their GF food list. They have 146 locations all over California so click here and find the closest one to you.

3. Safeway: Safeway, like Raley's has natural food aisles where you can find all the GF foods together. They also have tags under their products throughout the store saying if the are gluten free along with other things. In the natural food aisle there is a couple shelves dedicated purely to GF products. It is easy to see and indicated in bright green tags. I was so happy to see these signs , so my lovely bestie Ash took this picture of me.
I had trouble finding a list from their sight but you can click here and it shows a break down like the Trader Joe's Pdf. Even if you don't have the list their store is laid out so you can find what you need. Go here to find the four closest to me or type in your zip to find ones closer to you.

4. Health hut: This is a tiny hole in the wall in Brentwood CA , with no site and lovely old lady holding own the fort. Here they have a lot of health foods, natural foods, organic products and vegan/vegetarian options. I love to get bread, cookies and other snacks here. Also if she doesn't have a product she will order it for you. Its located at 161 Chestnut Street, Brentwood, CA (925) 634-5361. Give her a call or stop buy you wont be disappointed.

5. Whole Foods: This store is amazing and probably will have everything you want, need and crave. Their prices are on the high side but without a doubt you'll find what you need. They sell really good pastries from mariposa( listed below) and have goof vegan GF options too. If it is gluten free it will be marked easily for you to see. And below is a hilarious fake rap video about whole foods!

6. Target: Target offers gf hard cider, cookie and cake mixes, flour, dressings and Thai kitchen gluten free meals. So if you need something quick or need to quench your thirst check them out. Go here to see grocery options for GF shoppers. You can easily find a location close to you here.

7. Bevmo: Gluten free does not mean alcohol free! They show three gluten free beers on their site look here. But if you do a little more digging you can find more GF products on their site and in their stores. Click here to see stores with in 50 miles of Oakley.

8. Mariposa Bakery: I almost died when I found this place. They have fresh made bread, vegan gf ravioli, pastries , yummy breads and fresh made foods for lunch in their store. They can be found at the ferry building in sf, their store front in Oakland on telegraph , at farmer's markets in San Rafael and palo alto, online, in these restaurants and many retailers like Whole foods. Also you can have them mail ANY product to you. If you haven't tasted their products yet stop reading now and go to the closest location. You can find more information about this wonderful bakery here.

9.Gluten free specialty store: I have not been here yet but i often look at their site. They are located in Sacramento and are an all GF store. How could that be bad? They offer an online shop and products free of dairy, animal products corn , casein and more. Go here to find their location, directions and more about their store or take a look at their blog here . their blog talks about products, GF events and soooo much more. I hope to try this store out soon, so I'll let you know. This store is actually participating in the GF vendor fair at the camp I am volunteering at. SO, I will get to sample their delights very soon! 10. Miglet's Gluten Free Bakery :This is another one I have heard about , but have not been too. Check out the adorable designed website here. This little lady was a mother of a celiac inspired by a celiac camp ( the very one I will be volunteering for) . She is so inspiring and I can' t wait to try her treats. You can sample pies , cupcakes , cookies and more at her location in Danville or find her in these retail locations.

11. Sans a gluten free Grocery: This store is in San Rafael and was designed as a one stop
shop for foods and information. Check out their site or stop in their store to see what they have to offer.

12. Harvest house:
this is a health food store in concord CA. They offer a lot of GF products along with many other healthy food choices. Click here to see what GF products they offer.They are open everyday or if you like you can shop online!

13. Sacramento Natural food Co-Op: This is a consumer-owned natural foods grocery store that places the values of cooperation and sustainability at the forefront.Their focus is to benefit their owners, support the local growers, participate in their community and protect the environment. What could possible be better than that? Well they sell some gf products their too. So save the planet, support local growers and eat GF. They have p;lenty of bread , breakfast and flour mix options just click here to see what they have. ( Davis, CA also has a Co-op with similar products)

These are just some that around my area but there are sooo much more. You might have to go a little further or do a little digging but options are out there, so don't give up.



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