Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Summer Break wish list

I love when people do the 20 before 20 ( insert correct number) posts on their blogs. I just think its fun , motivational and cool to see what people are doing. So, I thought I would do something similar but for my summer break. I picked a random number and filled them in with fun stuff I want to do. SO it will be my 20 things summer break wish list!

1. read 6 books( I think I get two months off and that seems doable)

2. Go to four concerts ( I already have tickets too two!)

3. SAVE money for one of my tattoo ideas ( don't buy dresses don't buy dresses dooonnnnt!)

4. Write two new poems or stories

5. Be a guest blogger on someones blog! ( I think that would be sooooo cool) a photo shoot

7. Paint a new painting, and share all the ones Ive done this semester with the blog world ( scary!)

8. Go camping at least twice

9. Do one GF post a week!

10. Sponsor two blogs

11. Come with and host a blogger event a dress!

13.make a DIY blogpost

14.make and eat dole whip( so I can pretend I am at Disneyland)

15. Go on to some new beaches in the area with my love.

16. Eat more veggies!

17. Volunteer

18.make my own almond milk

19.make ravioli ( GF of course!)

20. sleep past 6:30 a lot

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