Thursday, June 23, 2011

sunny day

Yesterday I got to spend the whole day with my lovely friend Justin. It was great because we had not seen each other in like FOREVERRRRR.

WE had planned on seeing a movie but i quickly made the executive decision that swimming would be much better.

So we swam, ate food ,talked, sunburned, swam and took pictures of my puppy because everyone falls in love with my puppy!!!

SO here are some cute pics of my cute pup and me

A tender moment

J was imitating how I sound when I talk to Rambo and It was so funny. Then he snapped mid laugh..nice right ahahaha

I never understood animal love , like I would do anything for this little creature animal love, until Rambo.

Kisses( don't judge :) )

I have a good post lined up for tomorrow and some GF posts to come so check it out



artichoke said...

Aww.. great photos :D

the girl never gets older said...

OH MY GOODNESS! :D I'm sure everyone fall in love with Rambo, I fell in love too! ♥_♥ this is definitely the cutest puppy I've ever seen!
/If you read it, Hippie, I'm so sorry ♥ you are the best dog ever, but you know that you're not too cute and pretty :x :D/