Tuesday, July 5, 2011

one tired girl...girlfriend...daughter...mommy..?

My step kids are in town and so is my cousin so my weekend has been filled with making lunches, dog piles, swimming , making dinners, and the littlest pouty lip. And honestly I love it, I'm a little tired, but loving it. They are getting sooo big and it is such a joy to spend this time with them. They stayed with me last night because daddy had to go home to get ready for school and my little pouter almost kicked me off the bed ha!

Today the big boys will go to day camp. Little and I will play at home.
Tomorrow I actually leave for six days to o to my training camp with the bridge school and I think I will miss the chaos of three kids needing me all day. It's good to be needed , right? I am officially a mommy in my parents eyes, my boyfriends eyes, the their eyes ( they have been calling me step mommy and mommy !!!) and I have no problem with that.

I have a busy day of packing lunches, doing the littles and big boys laundry, having LOTS of fun and hoepfully some good sleep tonight.
I hope your fourth was filled with yummy food and smiling faces
Have a wonderful week !

ps arent those matching shirts toooooo cute ?!!