Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy week

///Me and my sleeping baby///

This upcoming week is going to be super busy.

- step kids coming for a fun visit ( I get to pick them up!)
- fourth of July family bash
- next Wednesday I leave for training
-next week the boys have camp

And I since I am gone I have to get all that prepared and ready this week.
I am super excited to see the boys again and we have so much fun planned. And I am thrilled for the opportunity to attend the Bridge School AAC training camp and be a part of camp celiac. I am excited for all the fun planned for my summer and my growing families summer.

Hope your summer is shaping up.

And dont forget about my dress sale :)


Joelle said...

you have step kids nic??? lol random question but i did not know this!
hope youre doing good love :)

Nic said...

well thats what i call them. Im not married yet but we call eachother husband and wife. And he has a son an a step son adn i call them my stepkids

Joelle said...

aw :) well good! thats cute and im happy for you! :D hope youre doing well :)

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