Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Celiac Awareness month & the winners

I want to thank everyone who helped spread awareness and help me raise money. this month was awesome! I got some amazing emails from first time celiacs , got hooked up with some fellow Celiacs and got the word out there.

This is obviously important to me because I have it , but its nice to know that my cause and my life are important to people in my life and in my celiac community.

Thank you!

With the help of all you we raised my goal of 120$!!! I am overwhelmed, you are all so amazing.

And with that being said we have two winners. I used a number generator to be fair:
DaddyOandHoney: you are the winner of the GF gift basket and I hope it opens you up to new brands as you are newly diagnosed.
Joelle Piercy: You are the winner of a wonderful Team Gluten Free tee.

So I will send you two emails , so I can get your information and get you your goodies.

P.s. You rock!!

<3 your favorite celiac!


Sara said...

Hey there! I'm a new follower. I'm a fellow veg-head though not gluten free. I like supporting my gluten free pals, though. Lord knows I couldn't do it. If I were celiac I'd just die.

Anyway, nice to e-meet you!

Nic said...

yea i would prefer not too do it lol it is basically horrible at first but now i dont feel limited. Thanks stopping by!

Joelle said...

Yay!!! I never win anything!! :D