Sunday, June 5, 2011

Annie's gluten free water..:)

I have been away...

I have been on vacation the last few weeks and I am currently in Arkansas with my family, thus I have been a poor blogger. Soon there will be pictures, posts and fun fun fun galore.

My ten year old cousin is sooooo adorable and says the most peculiar things. She was listening to us talk about my gluten free life style last night and she is as sharp as a whip. Everyone was joking and she just sat quietly, asked some qestions and then we had dinner. She asked me if i wanted anything to drink and I asked for water. she came back, gingerly handed me the cup, cocked her eyebrow and said here its gluten free. It was a riot! I love spending time with my family and it has been over do. So I will blog when I can and soak up every minute with my people.

Here is annie and her lovely sister emma!

Hope everyone's summer and weekend is going well. And soon there will be some farmer's market fresh blueberry recipe, some stories from my trip and much more!

Ps ..heres the view from where I sit

Be jealous

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Caitlin said...

Aww, that is too freaking adorable! So sweet that she was thinking of you :) And aren't we all happy that water is GF?