Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May and a half: goodby SFSU

So, people tell me its summer time, but looking out my dorm window I feel more like I am about to go into winter break.

Tomorrow I get to go back home and never live with three girls again. Ha, It was something else ...and experience I'll never forget that's for sure. This year has been a crazy one and I cant believe its already over. There have been new friends, crazy fights with roommates, late night sobbing phone calls to my boyfriend and boifren. But , mostly I am glad I did it. It changed me and gave me a new perspective on things. I know not everyone gets the opportunity to go away and stay at school. i am glad I had that opportunity.

Here are the awesome things about living on campus/with three girls:

-there is always a tampon when you need one
-you can nap at your break between classes
-kitchen cooked food and eat while its warm IN CLASS
- meeting new people
-learning about myself
-never ever being late to class because i literally live 2.5 minutes from my classroom
- there is always someone who is willing or forced my location to listen to you
-can't truly forget your homework
-there is a 24hr market right outside my door when I need anything!

This year was a good one but I am glad to be moving back home, into my own room , with a more familiar environment.
So goodbye Village A , Goodbye 101 B and goodbye roommates...




Joelle said...

yay! now we can hang and share awesome gluten free recipes! :D

Jessi said...

I love your header!

Great blog. :)