Monday, May 9, 2011

Gluten Free Review: easter candy swap!

This year I participated in The Great Candy Swap hosted over at My beautiful disaster . After explaining my concerns and needs Ms. Beautiful Disaster herself decided it would be best if she was my candy swap buddy. She said she had experience with my well she didn't word it that way though.

I packaged up a cute Peter Rabbit( see hers here) bunny and some other delights I thought she might like and awaited my GF candy surprise.

Well let me tell you what! I don't care if you have to plug you car in at winter in Canada I am moving there for their stellar GF/dairy free candy options.

Erin thank you soooo much everything was wonderful and I want to move to Canada and eat those the obrama chocolate everyday( they were my favorite)!!!! They are these lovely dark chocolate bars filled with yummy flavors. I was sent an espresso bean and raspberry filled one. The little bits of freeze dried raspberries zing up the chocolate and give some texture, and the balance between espresso and chocolate is just about right ,not too overwhelming. If you live in Canada and prefer/need dark chocolate find these tasty bars!
I also got a few other dark chocolate delights and they were eaten quickly as well.

Erin, Your gift was thoughtful and yummy, but depressing because they don't make those in Canada. Thank you again for hosting this event and making my Easter dairy and gluten free!


And remember to enter my giveaway, spread the word for celiac awareness month and donate if you can!


Tina said...

Hi, I got your blogspot from a friend on Facebook who knows your boyfriend's mother I believe? I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease after suffering 4 months of diarrhea and illness and 30 pound weight loss. I hope I can find helpful things here on your blog. I will check it out. Thanks, Tina

Nic said...

yes nancy told me I might be hearing from you. I am so sorry it is sooo tough. You should email me so we can chat. It does get easier !!