Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beauty Battle: whats in my makeup

Recently someone gave me a bottle of hand sanitizer and I am crazy for hand sanitizer so I accepted it with glee. However, I noticed an itching rash every time I wore. I couldn't figure out what was going on. It had wheat in it! I know its no ones fault but my own for not checking but talk about disappointing. In the trash it went. I just never even thought about checking things light hand sanitizer or my makeup...

After that I started thinking about my skin since I was I using other products that I may have not checked or have been contaminated. My skin has been nuts in the last few year. SO many break outs, bumps and rashes. What am I missing? Sometimes its hard to know what to look for and not everything that has wheat/gluten comes out with a flashing sign and says I AM GLUTEN. I think it matters less as far as face powder and mascara but what about my lipstick, lipgloss and not too mention miss nail bitter over here puts her hands in her mouth daily. And not to mention your skin absorbs all things and our skin is the LARGEST organ , so I changed my mind it definitely matters for me! Ingesting small amounts could account for not feeling well, could lead up to a horrible night of a reaction or just a headache- none of which I want.

Maybe I can't read things right ..but i think its safe to say I moving over to GF products ,with less chemicals , so I know that my body will be okay.

I Found this list from L'oreal( this inclucdes Garnier, Maybelline, Redkin, Lancôme, and The Body Shop) and list from Estée Lauder, Inc.; Clinique Laboratories, Inc.; Aramis, Inc.; Origins Natural Resources, Inc.; Bobbi Brown essentials; Tommy Hilfiger Toiletries, MAC, Stila, and Prescriptives, Inc. and avon of ingredients that are filled with Gluten you should be able to cross check this with other makeup ingredients but always check your source. IF you want to find this list..its huge look at my side bar and click the picture that says Is that gluten free? I didn't want to bog down this post with the length of the list, but its important to have resources.

The list probably goes on...but the idea is do you know what you are putting in your body? Chemicals, something you're allergic too..who knows. I know from now on ill be more vigilant and I am about to go through my makeup bag, lotions and shampoos to make sure I am not hurting my body. I have at this point found a few products ( bath and body works ones) but cross contamination has been an issue so I think Im going to move towards ALL GF products. Its safer for me, more expensive, but safer. So , if you use GF beauty products let me know.

Sorry for the longest post ever!

**And don't forget to spread the word for celiac and all digestive diseases this month. Check out my post from May first , enter my giveaway, and donate if you can. Every repost, word spoken and dollar counts!**

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The Cat Hag said...

I totally understand, my good friend is allergic to gluten as well so she has to eat selectively.

Hope your skin and body gets better as you use more GF products. :)

The Cat Hag