Sunday, January 30, 2011

Makeup: Get to know yourself

I think knowing your skin is the first step to the perfect makeup regimen. For me it's dry in the morning and super oily by mid afternoon. I know that anything slick on my face in the morning could cause a potential face freak out so my day actually ends with moisturizer instead of beginning, minus some extra dry area that may be in need of a little extra love. I also carry around oil blotters when I remember and wash my face extra if I need too. Knowing my skin I know what types of products work best and what ones can set my skin off.

So, Step 1. Get to know your skin girls! It took me a while to figure it out so be patient and don't assume because someone do their makeup one way that it will work for you.

Step 2. Take a look in the mirror. Makeup should never cover up that gem of a face you but enhance the HECK out of it. To play up your best feature know them . If you have less pronounced cheek bones contour them , if you have lovely-luscious lips accentuate with a good lip, what color and shape are you eyes, what colors look best on you. Examine, experiment and learn!

Step 3. What is your style. It wont make sense to change your makeup to fit someone you want to look like if their style is no cohesive with yours. You are the best you, so rock it! Are you casual, tomboy, vintage, mix, soft, subtle, out there...the list goes on! The best part is it is up to you to decide , manipulate and make.

For me I rarely use a lot of makeup, my skin just wont allow it. I have sensitive oily/dry , stress active skin with a mind of its own. My daily use, 98% of the time, is concealer for red areas of my skin ( but never on my oily forehead!); highlighter under eyebrows, on the corners of my eyes and the bridge of my nose, black mascara top and bottom, chap stick; and blush.

***From time to time, when the sassy Nic sets in, i smear on some red hot lips and some winged out eyes for dramatics or add a little shadow on my bottom lid to add a little subtle flare.***

One celebs makeup style I have always related to is Natalie Portman. She is beautiful in a natural , effortless way. Never looks too made up and I dig that.

Favorite(owned) products: Cetaphil everyday moisturizer, ANY liquid eyeliner(never had a horrible one), MAC large fluff brush and oily skin blotters.

Favorite (wanted) products: cheekie brush and blush from Julie Hewett, Mac Russian Red lipstick, and Say Yes to Carrots lip tint( natural smile and coral).

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Kelsey Rosie said...

I love that you did a makeup post! I really am obsessed with makeup, so it's fun to see what other people wear!!

Nic said...

Im having a lot of fun blogging lately. And I just think less and blog about what I want. And I love makeup

Libby said...

i agree, i love your blogs nic! you have a niche for this :)

i cant wait to work at lancome and send you gifties :D