Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who What Wear

WHO: Ms. Keiko (cake-oh) Lynn! I stumbled upon her after she added me on twitter and I was like who is this gorgeous girl! I noticed she had a blog and a fashion section. Let me tell you not only is she gorgeous but she has a drool worthy wardrobe and an awesome blog. She is a stylish lady from Brooklyn who designs clothes and makes silly faces. Check her out here.
WHAT: Today's obsession one old one new.
I think that boots are probably my favorite style of shoes. I feel exposed sometimes when i wear heals, but with boots it offers me more coverages, a BA look, they come in any style and can be worn with any article of clothing. I am always on the hunt for boots and I found these little babies!
I have been trying to get this little lovely for a while. Being a poor college student is not always fun. Get this gorgeous dear creature cape from ruche . WEAR:
What I am wearing today! Yay! Don't mind my roommates messy side or the horrible picture quality. I did it I have been wanting to do a what I am wearing post for some time and hear it is!!!

What I'm wearing:
Sweater and shorts: forever21
Tights: target


Kelsey Rosie said...

You are so freaking cute!!! I love her blog as well!!

Libby said...

i love that you are doing these posts now. its one of my favorites parts of the day to check your updates and to see your cute little face in your adorable little outfits. AH!
i miss yew <3

Nic said...

AWww thanks girls. I miss yes ms libby loo