Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gluten Free French Toast: quick idea !

I love my boyfriend because he does things like make me GF french toast at 11pm at night.
I made some lovely Pamela's GF bread last weekend and one night got the hankering, yea you know it well, for something sweet and syrupy. So, Dal, being wonderful made me gluten free french toast. It was fantastic

He used a normal recipe except we were out of nutmeg so he used cinnamon and vanilla. I think he used 1/4 a tspn. It gives it that little extra edge that I always need!

It was amazing he has made it twice for me since and every time is better than the last.
SO I suggest putting vanilla in your french toast it!

I will post some GF product reviews later this week and do a GF cooking post that actually involved some cooking too :) For now I am off to spend a wonderful Sunday with my boy and hopefully read some more!!!!

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