Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love Notes: Remember

I was thinking about us last night. How we started, how we clicked, when you told me you loved me. I remember it all. I keep being afraid I'll forget. I don't want to because it makes me so happy.

I remember when you first told me you loved me. It makes me cry big baby whale tears of happiness still. It was late and we were texting because you were at work. I had a horrible day. I don't remember why, maybe school or work. You said you had something to tell me but wanted to wait to make it right. I did not have any time what you were talking about. Then you changed your mind . You decided I deserved or needed to hear something because of my bad day. Then you told love me. It was perfect it and it still is.

Thank you for loving me, for giving me your love...
And that was it I knew I was yours and you were mine.I decided a Texas visit was a must. I came to see you we kissed , laughed and fell in love some more. I hope I always remember it this clearly. Remember this picture?

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libby said...

awwwwww <3333