Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My inspiration: Fashion

I Love this girl and I love her style. She rocks that sixties look like non other. I think the best thing about her style is that she wears the clothes. She does not sink in to them ; they add to her astounding beauty. She know who she is and what she likes. I know I could learn a thing or two from her.

Lately I have been finding my own style and wearing what I want too. Even just six or so months ago I was not wearing things I wanted to because I was afraid. Why I am not sure , but I was. I have found myself and my style and it feels great. I think the first step is just being confident in yourself. If You are confident then I believe anything can be done. There is nothing like putting together a beautiful outfit to give you confidence.

Dallas will tell you I am a vintage/etsy junkie. I am on there all time, literally.This break/fall semester I have been buying beautiful new and vintage pieces to create a more 'me wardrobe'. Zooey is a huge inspiration for me. She is beautiful , talented and always dressed wonderfully. If i could have her wardrobe I would rock it , but I would have to throw in some hippie every now and then :) !

The plan is to show you some of my wardrobe soon, fingers crossed with the new semester about to begin.

SO , who is your style inspiration.

P.S. This video is adorable and I want her blue dress with the giant circle. Anyone know a pattern similar to it.

She & Him - Don't Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.


Kelsey Rosie said...

I also love the 60's. I'm obsessed with kneesocks, opaque tights, all of it! Can't wait to see some cute outfits!

Nic said...

knee socks are too cute. I have a nuch i wear with heels. I think its the cutest look. I got this really cute white mod dress on the way i cant wait to share it

Kelsey Rosie said...

Ah! Love it. I need more dresses. My 15 of them just is not enough...:).

Nic said...

do you shop etsy? I have been alot lately an have got some great stuff.

libby said...

aww i love her too. she's so cute and seems REAL. which is a rarity in celebs, ya?

Nic said...

she really is or seems wonderful all around and that voice...oh my word