Tuesday, May 25, 2010


i have been working on this one for a while now..trying to find the right words. All in all I am very pleased.




I will never be here again

It's just one more thin taken from me

If I could remember your face I might have stayed

You were one of the best,darling

So I sit here trying to reconnect lines in the dirt

To create a face and continue to cry

Over one more lost night pulled back by the moon


I can't wait any longer

The light is fading; it's all I've got

Empty rose painted landscapes before me

Not a sound, not ever the gods call out

Am I getting closer?

Maybe I'll stay here for the night

Light the night with that spark

From your smile, the only thing I can remember


I need to keep moving

I know I am bounf to die but I won't let it be tonight

Did you ever really care?

So far I am no closer to answering that

No closer to you ...

I found myself in the blue haze

Attached to visions of the past, in the company of monsters

Pursuing me, placing price tags on my heart


I think I am losing the fight

I can't let it be over

I swear I have done my best

I've been reciting these old letter

FOr three god damn nights

Prostrate before teh sky, begging to stay

Won't you turn back time before I end up

Stranded with the stars, alone again


One day I will come down from this high place

Sifted into the sand, carried away in the wind

I just hope I make it to your home

Fall beneath your feet

I'll die as I lived

With one last breath my dreams will be gone

This time you wont let go of her hand

I guess I'm lucky to see that smile

One last time...

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