Monday, May 24, 2010

San francisco

This is not my best one never will be but I needed to get it out.


San Francisco

Nobody knows the truth and all my hope

Comes with no gain

I love you, but I know you

You're not coming back

Struggling past the voice behind the glass

Without consequence, your fleeting dreams always met

And I'll be left with this world

Crippling every movement I make

Here and now

you're holding that tiny globe in your hands

Shaking it, hoping for anything

But those little flakes keep falling

Everything you once held in your heart

Turning me upside down, cutting away at my fingertips

And we cry

It's okay, I'll crawl inside your sphere

Back in those hands

Rest my weary head on the Golden gate bridge

Just leave me where you found me

Looking in on me foolishly hoping; it's all the same

underneath the dim light left in this lifeless world

Little girl, your love was a bribe

I don't have the strength to pay it any longer

Pushing the pain under, will your clarity ever come

Inside your caged world the snow covers all

But when the changing season comes marching in

Let you ache for what is lost

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