Sunday, April 4, 2010

San Francisco

I was in love darling

Loved you dearly

Needed so little from me

You sat me in your lap

Holding my chin up

Don't waste you time

No just walk away

Life is easier down that path.



Here and now

You're holding that globe in your tiny hand

Shaking it, hoping for anything

But those tiny flakes keep falling

cutting away at your fingertips

As we cry.



It's okay I'll crawl inside your sphere

back in those hands

Rest my weary head on the Golden Gate Bridge

Leave me where you found me.



Little girl

We both can't seem to make this work

Do you hurt like I do now?

May your Island world always snow

And each night find what was lost to you.



Love is a bribe

You live or you Die

Just give it one more night.



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