Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baby Doll

So , i have not written in a while and i have been working on this one for a couple weeks. Hope you like it.

Caught inside a moment
Connecting each breath to her evolution
losing consciousness rooted beneath heavy lights
Electric bursts from her hips
Following the static hum behind every shaking beat of his voice
Was is all pretend?
Things were just so different
Before his shallow surface started cracking
Darkness flooded in
Her eyes were held
tightly covered by cold soft hands
pressing illuminated hues into her head
Collapsing in the darkness
Reaching for her old friend
Fingers climbing Cotton
pulling straps and strings
swollen hands grabbing at the molding
counting each black and white tile
as sweat and havoc
smear across porcelain floors
Breath snaking around this figure
creating the creature that he craves
his devastating passion, his pretty little girl.

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