Thursday, April 8, 2010

Letters Between lovers

Lately I have been writing non-stop and actually producing things that I am very proud of. I encourage everyone to write for themselves and nothing else. My wonderful Boyfriend wrote me something recently. I was so struck by it I wrote a kind of response to it. I thought I would share. We write differently in every way but i think they flow beautifully together, you can hear the two distinct voices and the emotion. His is the first part and mine is the second. I call his letters to the sky and I call mine Stars response Hope you like it!

Letters to the sky ( Dallas )

Darkness is calling and I'm grasping at her hand as she holds the light between us. Darkness held at bay by the single guttering flame of a candle. Staring into her eyes as shadows and light splays across the features of her face. Her eyes glitter and her lips flash with smiles and laughter. The light of the candle is growing smaller as the flame dies and the darkness moves in. Her grip is loosening on my hand. I try to squeeze harder but my hand grows inconsequential. I cry out her name no noise escapes from my lips. Battered by the shadows I lose her and tumble into darkness. Falling. A soundless scream escapes. Falling. Lost in the corridors of my mind; a past caress, a kiss, a glance, and....laughter following as I fall. Lost in the thoughts of my mind are a smell, a tickle, a longing, a lost part of myself...Tears falling around me as I fall. Screaming to wake up , to stop falling, to hit the ground and rest at last. Where has she gone? I remember a light , a glimmer, and smiling lips. Desire burns through my veins, my heart, and my mind. Why can I not fly to her?
A dream? Am I still falling? Darkness surrounds me. Where is my light?Where had she gone? Oh stars, where have you hidden your sister, your daughter, my love? Darkness is calling , but there' light in the distance.

Stars response ( Nic)

Half asleep
The bitter brawls in my sky, in your light
Won't stop
The dimming azure holds my guilt
Aching motionless as your screams echo
Hunting the distance between us
I have no voice. I have no hands.
Heartbreak grows.

These giant hosts, looming ghosts
With spider web hands
Fattening, Fueling my demons
Hiding me inside cracked grins
Swallowing it all in

Whispers pluck me from the sky
There is still time
Save me on more time
One last time
I promise I won't lose you again..

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