Thursday, March 25, 2010

Muay Thai, naps, Homework and hikes!!!

So, I was sitting here thinking to myself, " Gosh i do nothing!!" Then I quickly corrected myself. I have been so so so so busy. Here is what I have been up too..

1. MUAY THAI!!! Oh my goodness its perfect for me. I got some wicked bruises and I am loving it. My friend is teaching me , so I get one to one attention its amazing. This is a picture of a thigh bruise and keep in mind this is a week later . It nice and green so it healing!

2. A 12 mile hike!! I made new friends and they are awesome, loving, caring and they just met me. On Sunday i hiked with them and spent the night playing bored games, playing with puppies and getting a massage!

3. School more more school. I have had so much on my plate but a break is in the near future i cant wait!!! I will still have lots of homework but it will be wonderful non-the-less.

I hope during break I can ; dance, paint, muay thai, hike and lots o lots o fun. I am officially exhausted and loving it!

P.S. Happy Early Birthday baby!! Love you wish I could be there!

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Dallas said...

Love you endlessly baby! Thankyou I wish you were here so bad..