Monday, March 15, 2010

Gluten Rage

I am angry and I think it's time I let myself be angry . Not only will I admit it but I am going to let it out.

I get so angry all the time because of my recent diagnosis of celiac. It fucking sucks ass ( excuse my language). It has gotten more sensitive and when I get it in my system or just my mouth I get ridiculously sick. I feel like i cant breath, I vomit, often time i vomit blood, and for the next few days I am in a lot of pain.

I have to look at every ingredient in everything. I am extremely limited by choice and the amount of money I have. Gluten free food is expensive. I don't want to hear I will get through it because that is obvious. I don't want to hear that I am not the only one because that is more obvious and I am not stupid. It frustrating and sucky. I just want to scccrrreeeaaam. It awkward for other people in my life. I feel horrible when they wanna go eat somewhere and I have to bring the party down because once again I cannot eat it. I am in pain all the time even if i don't eat anything bad. I just wanna be like body calm the hell down so I can feed you!

While my man was here he was very supportive. He saw how much it upsets me, he saw two incidences of me accidentally getting wheat and he held me through it all. He even let me throw some eggs at a fence to get some anger out.

SO today I will be angry and wish I could eat a real doughy something . And tomorrow I will continue dealing with it.

thanks for letting me vent Internet world! I feel a lot better now.
P.S. I did have an awesome gluten free weekend full of my amazing friends and fun so here is a smile for that! Thanks for the corn nuts John!:)

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Anonymous said...

You're loved and have the support of friends and lovey's and we'll kick some gluten ass!