Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Soooo I am going to Africa, YES AFRICA. How, when ,where, why you ask?
It all started when i signed up for this American Sign language class and immediately fell in love with it. I quickly decided I wanted to become fluent and change my major to incorporate this new passion of mine.
One of the assignments in the class was to go to a deaf event. I went to the annual deaf expo in pleasanton. I came across this one booth with an organization called signs of hope international and I half signed half talked to them about what their program is all about. what i found out:They make two trips a year to help deaf schools in Africa. apparently, there are a lot of deaf kids in Africa and the deaf school are overwhelmed so many children are left alone with no help and hopeless. So, signs of hope comes in and helps these children and their communities. Awesome, right?!!
I love children and I have worked with them since I could work. All children need avoice anda helping hand. I also love to sign so this was a no brainer, where do I sign up?!! I sent in my application and was thrilled to be called for an interview. Then I found out the interview was all in sign language...oh I was so nervous. I had to trek to Sf and use a video phone ( what deaf people use there is no audio) and sign to two people from the program. I left the interview knowing I did the best I could, Knowing I wanted this, but thinking I would probably be rejected. However, five days later, TODAY, I got the call and was accepted into the program!!!! I am more than thrilled...this is an amazing opportunity to be apart of something bigger,to be useful and use my passions for good.

I will be leaving in May at the end of my semester and heading off to Africa!!!! I will be gone two months. I will be going with a group of other volunteers and will be teaching in sign!

The next steps are :
- conference call trainings
- Getting this all paid for
-Preparing myself
-And learning as much sign as I can until that day!

Here I come Africa!!!

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