Saturday, October 31, 2009


I have had these images in my head of lovers worlds apart. The tragedy is they know they are there and they know what they could be, but can't get to one another. But will they ever find eachother? SO i poured this images on to paper and wrote this....


There are places

Where the seams of our world loosen

We have been there before


tangled up in the light

blurred bodies freefalling

smudged lips moving

over miles and miles of skin

love me, love me like that again

That place is no longer...

I saw you outside

the love we had

drifted with the wind

my soul... it lingered

In shaded corners

for half a century


the surrender

hands palm to palm, tangled

fingers chasing dusk

tracing the lines of your face

agianst my cold concrete cage

you're there

I wont move

I'll sleep

hoping you'll fall into my dreams again

Wont you come again, come find me


decollete said...

kindred, this is our state of being, i'm afraid. i love the way you can express yourself. you do see images...i'm just all in my head with words. <3

Anonymous said...

There should be more comments on this. Your amazing and beautiful and I love you...

Nic said...

I love you endlessly