Monday, February 27, 2012

Gluten free survival kit.

Going gluten free is hard and especially hard when doing it alone and un-knowledgeable about it all. When I went gluten free three years back it took me forever to figure it all out. So, to you first timers,strugglers and  those unsure if you can do it , here are some things you NEED to have in your very own gluten free survival kits.

1. It is honestly our bible and titled appropriately , The Gluten-Free Bible: The Thoroughly Indispensable Guide to Negotiating Life without Wheat 
It touches not only on the food aspect but other things you need to know to keep your life gluten free and start healing your body. 
It covers topics such as : 
- the latest research into celiac disease, and myths that have 
been debunked
- how to eat out happily, including a short course in restaurant
assertiveness training
- how to eat in happily, including a discussion of online and
mail order suppliers and negotiating the supermarket as a celiac
- dozens of delicious new recipes
- drugs, cosmetics, and other products tested for celiac-safety
- a thoroughly updated resource section

2. Pamela's!!!!! Pamela's is a GF brand that will make forget you're eating gluten free. From flour mixes to cookies your life will not be filled with no no no and cant cant cant anymore. Their sit also has bunches of wonderful recipes for you to try out as well.

3. Bring your eating out card. It's important that those feeding you understand the risks of you getting sick. Having this card handy can make it easy for them to understand or just a good reminder of what you should say to the chef. Don't feel silly about it because its your body thats at risk; and thats not silly.
They only charge shipping and the kit contains
  • Delicious, mouth-watering samples
  • Money saving coupons
  • Information on how to make living with food allergies and sensitivities simple
  • The valuable and trustworthy print newsletter
  • Yummy and simple recipes
  • Fabulous safe-for-use skincare & makeup to make you glow
  • Tips to lower your stress levels and keep you and your family safe
  • And so much more!
Its truly an amazing buy and is also good for other sensitivities too. It will put you right smack dab into the gluten free world. You'll come out confident , knowledgeable and giddy with all your new samples!

With these four things I promise you going gluten free will be easy!

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