Monday, February 13, 2012

Advice on shooping vintage from the compulsive shopper

If you know me in real life you know that I love to shop and have a HORRIBLE addiction to dresses. Recently I did an engagement shoot and after I posted some pictures a lot of people asked where I got them. So I thought I'd share my favorite shops and tips on how to not break the bank and still buy unique beautiful items.

First rule it takes time! Do not buy the first thing you find because not all good vintage has to cost 120 or more.
Second rule find a shop and stay loyal too it. Don't get to crazy and keep looking for new shops. Go on etsy find a shop that sells your style for your budget and check back with them when you get itches to buy things.
Third rule read fashion blogs! Many of the shops I love and or buy from are found through blogs I read or the actual blogger. There are so many fashion blogs dedicated to vintage and second hand wears. A plus is sometime they do give aways or have an agreement with the shop that there readers get a % off. So like our parents always told us READ more.
Fourth rule re purpose ,revamp and add to what you have. If you find a super cheap vintage dress not in your size you can get it re sized. To not sped to much i wouldn't recommend getting something over 10-15 altered because alterations can cost more than the item. If you cant afford the vintage dress find cute accessories; a vintage belt(belts can also help with fit) with jewels or an iron elephant,vintage scarves or moms old jewelery. You have a good base in your closet build off that. And of course adding new items with a flair (bow collar,lace sleeves,detachable collar can always update looks).Oh and shorten a long dress..never forget that!
Fifth rule save up.Because sometimes spending a little more on a quality pieces is best and a good treat to yourself. Be selective either way.Just cause it inexpensive doesn't mean its worth it and vice versa.

So from one compulsive shopper to the other you don't have to spend billions to look good!
Here are my favorite shops currently:
1. tea&tulips. She has the most amazing finds ever,great prices, and in sooo many sizes. I think I own six dresses from her shop.

2. Vintage sideshow. Unique, quirky,fun colors & prints and well priced.

3. Judy go vintage. I love her because I found one of my all time favorite dresses her for only 20 bucks. Incredible conditions!

4. Redvelvetart. I'm sure a lot of you have heard of this shop but if not...She take the time to find truly amazing vintage pieces. she also teams up with handmade shop owners to sell unique accessories and more. And if you can spend a bit more she has had two collections of her own stuff and is planning another.I recommend checking out her entire site.

What are your favorite vintage and second hand stores?

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