Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wedding invitations

I have a lot of my wedding already planned...but for some reason I can't shake that nervous ,tummy twisted, I left the iron on and its burning my house down feeling.
Is that normal ladies?

One of the things that is stressing me out is invitations. I want it to be cute, unique, fun and not drain my wedding funds. I get overwhelmed reading these crafty blogs with these crafty wives to be creating magic out of nothing. But I am determined to have fun with this...So here are some cute ideas I've seen around the web.

oh and if any wedding veterans have ideas, advice send it my way...

1. Tie the knot wedding invites....totally and looks simple

2.Plant-able seed cards

3. something that shows the couples personality like this photo booth invite

4. Film canister wedding invite...totally unique

5. Picture wedding invites.. I love how the pictures are arranged!
I think my favorites are four and five

What did you do for your wedding invites???



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I like 5. Nervous is totally normal... we should talk. love you :)