Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm one of those people

So I have had a lot of pets right..but that's all they've ever been. I liked them well enough and when they passed it was sad, but my world was not shattered. I never understood people falling apart when they lost an animal or it died.

Fast forward to this sweet pup Poppy Appleseed ( we call her poppy or poppy seed)

Oh my gosh, I adopted her from HALO and when I walked up to the cages all the other dogs were yipping and howling , but poppy sat down and stuck her paw out. It was like she was reaching for me... or some cute fantastical imaginary connection between her normal movements and my crazy lady emotions that made her seem she intended only ME to notice.Either way, SOOO cute. She had me from that moment. I don't know if its because shes my dog ,just mine, but this dog is like my little baby. I would go mama grizzly on anyone that hurt her and I spoil her rotten. As you can see above she is gently rocked asleep while having her belly rubbed..what a life.

So, I came home yesterday and couldn't find her. She wasn't inside or outside i was freaking out. Ashley(my bestie) and I decided to go walk around the neighborhood . We got to the middle of the court and I starting sobbing. Not just crying tears, but the whole body jerking, breath sucking pounding head snot everywhere sobs. My tiny little world was beginning to tremble and shake with the hint of the idea that she wouldn't come home.

Luckily, poppy had wandered not very far and had been lounging on a couch with a neighbors all day. I'm so happy to have her and I guess I am officially one of those people. And I will gladly join the club with the rest of you :)


Hales said...

Told you, lol. No one understands until they have their own baby :) I would jump in front of a moving vehicle to save my little squirt.

Unknown said...
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Katey said...

"go mama grizzly" that made me laugh. But its so true! Im glad you found cute poppyseed, otherwise maggie would definitely miss her cousin LOL