Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gluten Free Review: vegan, GF, and no GMO.

I found these noodles at Lucky and the clouds parted. I mean a vegan, gluten free, no sugar, low cal and guilt free noodle how could it be bad.
These little guys are basically made from tofu and yam flour. They are packaged in a liquid just like tofu and seem like they would be good.

So I parboiled them( because they smell rotten when you open then) dried and heated them up in a pan with some veggies and sauce.


I tried to like them I really did. But the test is lacking and the texture is disgusting. It was similar to day old calamari, or a sandy human finger. All I know is that when I eat pasta I do not want it to crunch.

They may be a low cal GF version of the noodle but I hope to never eat them again. Maybe you will like them, but no this little celiac girl.

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