Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A little sneak peak

I have been working or reworking this story.poem/thingy for a while now and I thought I would share a little tiny bit of what I am doing.
It is not done and what I am showing you needs some revision too ..but here is what I have so far.

We stayed up all night because the sun was strong that day. It seeped into the concrete outside, slipping through our stucco walls, and found a home in our skin, squeezing at our throats, pulling at limbs, sucking skin. It was hard to breathe. I watched you from above. Your beautiful body; laid out for me to worship across the pale turquoise tile on our kitchen floor. Your mouth opened and your breath painted patterns across the stale colored ground. I bent down to touch you, but my hands resisted. So I let you sleep a little longer while the humming heat flooded in behind my eyes. Finally you began to stir. Slick and strong you rose and came to me.

You were down to your boxers by this time. Your milky skin blended with the blinding sun, making my own shell worthless and dim by comparison. The room blurred and I stumbled down the hallway. My arms stretched back, hands procrastinating, exploring each groove along the walls. The sun began to slip but the heat lingered making every breath I took feel like mid august; stretching my lungs and pushing against my body for a way out. You trailed behind my trembling frame. I laid my body out across cotton sheets, the cheap fabric pulling against flushed skin as our bodies tangled into one. Head on chest, palm to palm, soft murmurs…morning came timidly; the light struggling to overcome the hues of night. My body cooled and I felt like I just woke up, but I know I didn’t take my eyes off you once.

I really like where it is going and hope that I can flush it out some more, so it can become what I want it to be.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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