Thursday, March 10, 2011

I appreciate...

This is my best friend Ashley. We have been friends since the summer before eighth grade, but it was a rocky start. We did not like each other at first , i think its because we were to much a like and too angsty. We met at summer camp and after realizing are cabin mates had little to nothing in common with us we came together.

I honestly love this woman. More and more every time we hang out. There have been rocky times between us, fights, laugh, tears but most importantly she is always there for me. We are always willing to forgive each other and move on to another adventure because we just get each other.

It has been a decade and I know she will always be there. We do not get mushy with each other often because generally if one is being pouty or like a baby whale the other is like a rock and being supportive. But I'm about to get mushy.

Ashley I love you so much. I am blessed to have you in my life, to have your friendship and your unwavering support. Thank you for holding my hand, laughing with my , loving my boyfriend, swimming in pools with clothes on and all the other crazy things we have done. I cant wait to see how our friendship grows.

our friendship, as charlie sheen would say, is WINNING!

Here are some pictures from through out the years!

Thank you for teaching me that I am worth loving by loving my all these years. I hope I have taught you the same!



Ashley said...

Did you cry whilst writing thus because I straight up went baby whale while reading it. I love you -- as always -- more than clouds. Always and forever, lil'mama.

Libby said...

PRECIOUS!!!! and the pictures are priceless <3 LOOOOVEEEEE