Thursday, March 3, 2011

I appreciate...

Thanksgiving{like turkey day(or tofurkey)} is a nice Idea. I mean who doesn't love food, family and that ten minutes where you go around the table and say what you're thankful for.
Shouldn't it be every day? I think it should because I am overwhelming blessed in my life every single minute. I get caught up in the little things, the stress , my bad moods and I just let things slip by. And I know that's okay but I want to make some effort( weekly?) on my blog to appreciate and thank those in my life!
I don't even have to think for more than a second to realize who in my life I should shower with thanks, gratitude and hugs.

Diane Denning AKA mah! Is one of the most amazing, crazy , bug eyed giving , stressed, hard working women out there. She is my super woman, my shoulder to cry on , my motivator, my believer , one of my closest friends and most importantly my mommy!
She is putting my through school ( and i do not have to pay back), she helps me with anything I need( money wise) , she calms me down when i freak, she love my friends, my boyfriend, worries about me and soooooo much more. I know if I tell her thank you every day it will not be close to how much thanks she deserves.

So mommy thank you letting me hang on you all these year even though you like your space, thank you for holding my hands through skinned knees and bad boys, thank you for supporting my dreams and making them happen, and thank God for giving me to you and you to me!

I have put you through a lot and I can only hope you are proud of me because I am proud you're my mommy!
I love you mommy!!!

Isn't she beautiful??!!!!

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