Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentine inspirations and Ideas

VALENTINES DAY : The glitter holiday!!!!
I love holidays more than I can possible explain. To me, they are magical and filled with glitter and happiness. I know for many most are stressful and money filled. I challenge you to take a breath and look at it another way. While of course it is designed to take our money its a great opportunity to say I love you to amazing people in your life!
Here are some cool ideas for gifts, cards and decorations:

For your Him:

This very cool vintage key wallet is an awesome idea for your vintage loving man. Its one of a kind and can be found here.
For the homemade route! I am so in love with this do it yourself Xbox stichcraft. You can find this pattern and ones for other controllers on this delightful blog.

Perhaps you're going on a fancy date and your Him needs to look his best. Or perhaps he is just a 24/7 dapper dresser then this tie DIY will be a perfect gift.

For your She:

Don't Panic men we are not as difficult as you think !

This is so cute I found these and a bunch others here. They are try DIY's. You can make a memento one for your sweetie with maybe a movie , quote , picture or mementos that mean something to you both. Another idea would be decorating with stuff that she just loves. Get some vintage prints , some lace and you got a thoughtful gift. Or the chalk board one is beautiful. Bring her breakfast in bed and write a sweet message.

IF you happen to be a sailor or just good with your hang impress your girl with this ADORABLE bracelet. You could even dye the twine there favorite color or/and spray it with some glitter. She will be impressed and have a gorgeous bracelet. Find this fun craft here.

And dear goodness these headpieces are amazing and this scream Valentines day! Go take a look at giant dwarfs etsy and drool over the beauty. I love to create a cute outfit with this perched on my crown.
V-Day card downloads and DIY's:
These are the cutest little V-day down loadable cards. I want to hand them out to my classmates this year. Find them here and begin spreading love and cuteness.

These are the cutest vintage valentines from a bloggers own collection. download and print out to make cards, tags or for scrap-booking. Find these and more here and here.

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Libby said...

i think you just made me like valentine's day... or any holiday for that matter!!
you totally inspired me for gift ideas!