Friday, January 14, 2011

Love notes: I love you today

I was reading the lovely Kimberly Scott's Blog today and she started a new series called love notes. It is for her new husband and herself. She is celebrating their love in a very sentimental way. It being the new year I have decided to post more. I have posts made and ready to publish soon , but decided this would be a lovely addition to my own blog.

I happen to be with an amazing man and I strive everyday to forget the small things that don't matter and express to him how much he means. I think this is a wonderful way. Love is a beautiful , powerful bond and should be celebrated. I took Kimberly's challenge to remember my love, show my love and give more love.

So Dallas, in my robe and towel, here and now I love you today.

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Libby Loo said...

youre soooo adorable <3