Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashion crazed

I have recently found and fallen in love with polyvore. It is allowing me to create outfits and look for cute clothes in a more organized way. I have been putting together looks based off some of my inspirations and thought I would share. You can look like those celebrities you love too in an affordable way.This is super fun and I think you should all try it! Here are a few of them I am in love with! ( im here )

My favorite is the first one, I think i'll get that look!


zelina said...

I'm obsessed with polyvore and I love Zooey I love her style I wish I had the body for it :(

Nic said...

I love her too! you are nuts your have a hot bod and her highwaisted style is perfect for anyone who does not have an emaciated boy shaped body

Libby said...

these are dreamy and spectacular!
Do I see nic as a future stylist? Yes I DO!!

Nic said...

I want to dress people! Shop for them and all that!