Friday, December 17, 2010

Peppermint hotchocolate sticks

Christmas gifts were a little difficult this year because 1. I am a poor college student & 2. I am busy college student, but I wanted to do something for my roomates and girls from class. SO I decided to makes candles and candy.

I made peppermint bark and hot chocolate sticks.There is nothing better than some yummy hot chocolate to warm your tummy on a cold winter day. I got the idea from this lovely blog and then added my own twist.

And all though this does not call for gluten of any sort we will still call it gluten free !

Nic's Hot Chocolate Pepermint SticksSupplies:

* ice trays or shot glasses

* mini candy canes

* choclate chips( you decide what kind ;) )

* a pan

Make 'em and then eat 'em:

-rub some butter or oil on the inside of your ice trays or shot glasses and preopen your candy canes.

Make em':

- Melt your chocolate chips in a pan and if needed add water or butter to get desired consistency

-When they are properly melted pour the chocolate into teh ice cube trays

- stick the candy canes in and let them dry

* you might want to use a piece of paper to hold up the canes nice and straight

Package 'em or eat 'em:

I gave mine away as gifts to i wrap with reindeer cellophane, ribbon and home made tags with direction.

To eat just stir in a pipeing hot cup of soy milk or moo milk . Or you can even just eat it off the stick a few of my friends enjoed that too.

***Happy holidays all ****

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