Monday, December 6, 2010

Lemony Snicket's The Composer is Dead

On Sunday I had the amazing and rainy opportunity to go with my parents and the boy to the Berkeley Rep. and see The Composer is Dead. It was originally a book for children to teach them about orchestra , the people in it , the instruments and all that goes into it. Lemony Snicket worked on his book with Nathaniel Stookey and they developed a wonderfully visual and hilarious play. It was a seventy five minute play with one man and a lot of puppets. I know when i say puppets you may thing of sock puppets but these were beautifully crafted and were brewing with personality.

Here is the one man who did it all, Geoff Hoyle, and one of the amazing puppets. Mr. Hoyle was the only real person in the play. He introduced it all and played the inspector. He was absolutely outrageous and kept everyone laughing the entire time.

The played followed this inspector as he investigated the death of the composer and questioned every instrument in the orchestra.I wont give anymore away, but I highly recommend that everyone see it before its gone and find out who killed the composer!

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