Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Higlights

This has been such an amazing summer. And I would just like to share!
Well the most amazing part of my summer is my boy, the love of my life , the man I plan to marry has moved from Texas to Cali. He is originally from here so it's double awesome for him <3>

I also got to meet his kids, scary at first, but they are wonderful. We have had so much fun watching movies, going to water parks, zoos, swimming at the lake, and going out everywhere.

I took Dallas to seem MGMT in Oakland and that was so awesome. It was a great show.

I have had tones of photo shoots with libbyloo, rford photos, and George Liao. I have the month booked out with others too.

AND next week I am getting my tattoo and we are going to Disneyland in a few weeks before I start school!!

oh ps I just ordered these beauties...

The shoes are from Darlingtonia and the jacket is dainty June !!
I hope everyone else is having an awesome summer and Tuesday!!

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