Sunday, January 17, 2010

Me and 2010 are BFF's

These last few months have been crazy for my life and the ones in my life.

After months of feeling like crap and puking at my best friends house I finally figured out why my body hated me! I have a disease called Celiac. That means no wheat and no gluten. This sounds simple , but honestly it is not. If i eat even a teaspoon of it i start feeling woozy and naseaus. I can't eat wonderful things like bread, regular pasta, soy sauce! I have done a complete overhaul on my eating habits , but I feel so my healthier, happier, and sassier!! I have been trying out delicious recipes and now make my own yummy bread and have found other wonderful substitutes for the things I love but are full of gluten. Gluten and wheat are hidden in everything and since I vegetarian who does not eat dairy it has been challenging , but I am taking over! I'll be posting some wonderful recipes later!

Some other less painful and purely exciting news:

1. My best friend is pregnant and this is her dream come true. No one deserves to have their dreams come true more than this sassy lil lady. And she is working on getting her own soap line going. Check out her blog she basically rocks. You will fall in love with her.

2. Old news, but still wonderful Africa!!!

3. I got into SF state and will be majoring in communicative disorders. Enthused to learn unenthused to dorm with a bunch of girls. Another adventure for sure!

4. And I did a rad shoot with Libby of Libby Loo Photography. I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out. Here are some behind the scene pictures.. I did two different shoots. One is for one of her new series that I wont talk about because its a secret and one was a very rad shower shoot. I love working with her she makes me feel amazingly hot and she does amazing work! Check out her stuff and hit her up because you want to do a shoot with her.

2010 has barley started, but this is my year and I own it. Stay tuned for photos, Africa updates, new poems and stories, and my favorite new pass time sketching!!

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