Friday, February 17, 2012

What I wore and why it was the best day ever!

 Thursday started out sucking. I had to go to school for a meeting then class, but I felt horrible so I decided I'd go home early. Don't mind my odd pictures. The day quickly got better.

My Application for graduation was due and I decided to have my soon to be new last name on my diploma. Nicole Ann Collier is getting a BA degree soon. I figured since I am getting married two days before I graduate that it would be cool and fun to have my new name. After I turned my application in I ran into a friend who proceeded to tell me about a new place to eat on campus. Its called underdog and they had Vegan GF hot dogs on GF buns. I was soooooo excited. It seriously made my day!

outfit details: Vintage dress rumors on etsy, tights forever 21, & shoes from target.

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Quiet Violet said...

Oooooo.. I want! Both the hotdog and your dress!