Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gluten Free Review: cookies

Celiac Snack!!

Being a celiac and not being able to cheat at all makes you miss and long for certain things. One of those things is COOKIES!! I bet you all take it for Oreo here,fresh baked chocolate cookies there, and not EVER having to read the label to avoid a night of throwing up and days of pain to follow.

So please dunk a cookie for me next time ya get one!

But for you who chose to eat GF or have to here is a list of my favorite!

1. Annie's Gluten free snicker-doodles (also have tried the ginger snaps but they are grooossss!)
They are shaped like bunnies,perfect for the lunchbox and really yummy!

2.K-toos( just like Oreos)
If you are remembering days of dunking yummy Oreos mourn no more. K-toos are soooo good,gluten and dairy free. I know I've been without Gluten for a long time ,but to me these taste just like Oreos. You be the judge.

3. Udi's Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Udi's will never do you wrong.

4.Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix. These are so good! My best friend loves them,maybe even prefers them over gluteny ones.

5.Mi-del ginger snaps. These are crunchier than a fresh cookie but the taste is perfect! Got the zing that a good ginger snap has.

What your favorite cookie?

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