Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eat your heart out: Love day what I wore

Valentines Day was so much fun. I have been saving this dress to wear for the first time for V day. It is a heart cut out, polka dot ,red dress. And if that doesn't say Valentines day , I don't know what does. I am in love with this dress and a few people made me stand up so they could look at the dress!

My boy got me gorgeous flowers, a new phone ( I GOT AN IPHONE) and took me out to sushi!

After sushi we met up with friends! Had to yummiest bubblegum vodka shots ,a GF pazookie and chatted friends.
                                                                        All in all it was a wonderful night .
outfit detail: Dress hellbunny, Shoes shoe dazzle ,tights cant remember.
Hope your V day was great!

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