Friday, January 13, 2012

Stressed out and wanna hide under my pillow

Uggh so the new semester is approaching and this semester is not a quite one. I am finally not taking 5-6 classes but the time is going to be filled with soooo many or too many things. I am the off campus president for SFSU NSSHLA (national student speech language and hearing association) And despite my title i do nothing off campus lol. I have sfsu's annual spring conference( this involves preperation weeks before up to the date),
SFCD IRC Conference, workroom cleanup organizing, various preparations for all these things, I'm planning this years communicative disorders graduation , i have three classes , Oh and to all these lovely SF events I have to commute ( so ill lose 3-4 hours commuting )and oh did I mention I'm planing a wedding!!!

In happy new I found my wedding dress and picked out my cake. YAY! so cross two things off my mile long list of things i HAVE to do.

Am I a masochist ?



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