Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Body Image

"But the underlying message of the photo is that one body type is more beautiful than the other; how is that supposed to make everyone feel good? "

Im gonna get real and raw with you guys; which i don't really do. I have had body issues for a long time. why ? I have no idea. But I know being a girl is really hard. We are told to be thinner,smarter prettier, thicker,sexier,cuter,sweeter,stronger and soooo much more by other girls. And its hard and extra hard on girls like me.
Why do we have to prove that skinnier is better or thicker is better? Why is anyone better. When did it become okay to say one body type is better? We should not be criticizing others we should be working on loving ourselves. Its hard but its a better route than looking at everyone else with judgment.
I want this photo to stop because this shows that a size is value. And some of us already struggle with that. So why exacerbate that?!! We aren't going to fix this horrible body image issue by creating a battle between the two body types. If a girl works hard to be skinny (but healthy) so what! maybe it makes her feel good. If a woman is comfortable with more curves then more power to her. No matter what any of us do we have genetics on our side. Some people will always be skinnier some will be thicker. But devaluing and judging people based on size and outdated rules is ridiculous and dangerous.
None of us deserve to feel shame for what we look like, but so many do lets be concerned with that epidemic...not the battle between thin and thick.
I totally understand what the intention of this photo .


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Quiet Violet said...

Ive seen this photo floating around the Internet and I guess I never really looked at it the way you've presented. I'm guessing that the creator of the collage is assuming that the women on the top half are skinny by unhealthy means and those on the bottom are healthy. Healthy looks different on everyone. I think the goal kith image was to show that being rib-showing skinny isn't necessary to look beautiful. I very much prefer the meaty women just because it looks so much more feminine to me, but if a person can be really skinny and 100% healthy, so be it. To each their own!

P.s. I think that it's REALLY brave of you to share what you did in this post. Most of us have body image issues and having these issues needs to be acknowledged and normalized. Way to go, girl!