Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hair Fashion

My best friend, Ashley(isn't she lovely?!!), Has the most wonderful and abundant hair out there. She let me borrow it doesn't it look like it could be my actual hair ..maybe lol.

I have always loved my hair and my bravery to try new styles. I think its one of my favorites things about me. I have had so many hair styles and colors. When I am done with one I am scheming up another way to add some funk to my life via my hair. I know it can be fun but I suppose if you dye as much as me you have to be careful fry it! My only advice is , don't do anything you are afraid to do(ability wise)get a professional, remember its just hair so go for it and don't bleach too much because that is what damages my hair the most.

I love coloring my hair more than anything ! I think it is like a semi permanent accessory , a wonderful way to share your personality with others and a fun way to shine.

Here are my favorite current hair color styles

Ombre hair
I cant wait to have long(er) hair because I love love love this style and want to try it out. It is a graduation from light to dark or dark to light . It looks effortless and has a little funk than just one color.

Multi-toned hair

I love to play with colors, all colors! I have had almost every color in the rainbow. I figure I am young , do not have a career that is limiting me at the time and why not. I love when people use several different colors in there hair. It can be like a piece of art right a top your shoulders. I really enjoy reds and purples blended the most.


Kelsey Rosie said...

Ombré is HUGE right now. I've had a lot of people asking about it. It actually looks really amazing on shorter hair as well! You always have darling hair :).

Nic said...

really?!! maybe i should try it ..i just have never seen it on short hair

Kelsey Rosie said...

Yea, I have not seen too many pics of it. Look up Carey Mulligan. Her's is a ombre-type color technique.