Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So this last week/ weekend has been crazy , but I am choosing to be thankful for a lot.

1. I attended my step dad's mothers funeral. That is sad but thankfully she lived a long life and i LOVE spending time and bonding with my pat. I AM THANKFUL

2. My grandma( moms mom) had a horrible heart attack but she is coming home to MY house and I got to spend the weekend with my mom, my pat, Dallas, and my uncle Robert who is wonderful. I AM THANKFUL.

3. These weeks have been crazy and super woman, formally known as my mom, but I think they might be evening out and I am glad I got to help my mom. I AM THANKFUL

3. This weekend I am going on a Friday early V-day date to cafe gratitude, Saturday going to the farmers market with my beautiful bestie Ashley , then she and I will see a movie will my newly beardless boy AND Sunday GF Monte cristo vegan style for me meaty and cheesy for him! I AM THANKFUL

4. I was able to change my schedule so I have a four day weekend. I AM THANKFUL.

There are always ALWAYS negative , sad, bad, useless distractions , tragedies going on in everyone's life, however there are little blessing settled in each one. So I am taking the time to be thankful

Oh an GF recipe to come!


Kelsey Rosie said...

I've had one of those weeks too! It's amazing how many good things life has to offer despite bad stuff going on at the same time.

Glad your Grandma is ok! I'll be praying for your family :).

Nic said...

we are going to the one in berk I believe. Is one better than the other?? It looks soooo yummy.
Thanks kelsey and thanks for the prayers