Sunday, February 27, 2011

Awesome night

( this is 19 year old me thrilled to meet Josh Ritter in person at Yosemite. Geez I look different!)

Friday night me and two of my favorite boys( Dal and Jacob) drove to the Fillmore and saw Josh Ritter. If you don't know Josh Ritter you need to put it on the top of your to do list; you wont regret it. This is the fourth or fifth time I have seen him and it gets better every time. He is truly a wonderful performer and a fantastic musician!

Here are some photos form the night:

This is where Josh played, its his state flag( Go Idaho!).

Jacob and me! I am so glad he is home and could come out with us, he just moved back from a couple month stay in Mr. Ritter's state

I got a guitar pic Josh threw in the crowd. I'm adding it to my collection. I have a signed shirt, a signed set list and now this! *swoon fan girl swoon*

me and my loverbird.

This is Scott Hutchinson ( of the Frightened Rabbits) from Scotland and he opened for Josh. He it was a nice surprise because you don't always get good opening bands. Together they sang a wonderful cover of the Everly Brothers song 'Stories we could tell'. Scott seemed to be swooning over josh the entire song, but who could blame him.

I am sooooo glad I did not miss him while he was in town. Thank Josh and band for putting on a wonderful performance and not making me regret spending a night out instead of studying!

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